3 Cute And Simple Spring Inspired Hairstyles For Long Hair


Waves all day, all night

Beach waves will look amazing with cute, little summer dresses and even though it might be a little bit too cold yet for this look, wavy hair will make you look more feminine when wearing something more casual. If you are thinking about buying a new curling iron, I have found Remington Ci5338 Pro Big Curl as a big help for me when I am in the mood for those big and bouncy waves.


Fish + tail = fishtail

Fishtails look super cute, but if you are a bit bored with this old classic, I have found that messy fishtail hairstyle will add a new twist to your hair “wardrobe”. In my opinion, the hairstyle in the photo above will look great on those sunny but still not very hot spring days.


Bun, bun, bunny

Buns are probably one of  the most comfiest hairstyles, however a lot of the times they can make you look as coming just outside from the gym. There are so many interesting ways how to make your bun look different, but if you haven’t found yet your favourite way, here is a little inspiration for you.

photo source – pinterest.com


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