Alverde Naturkosmetik Lipstick (cherry 53) Review

While most of the society is getting used to the growing number of vegetarians and vegans today, people (especially women, of course) these days have started to pay more attention to the ingredients in their cosmetic products. I’ve always loved to make my own soaps and candles at home, though when I want to find a good natural face cleaner, make-up in shops, that’s not that easy.


This autumn in dm shop (I think it is the most popular drugstore in Germany) I accidentally came across a stand of natural cosmetic “Alverde”, it is the dm shop brand, so I suppose dm shops are the only place where you can buy these products. The word which caught my attention, for sure, was-naturkosmetik, but also the prices were unbelievable. Dm homepage wants to play hide and seek with me by not giving me any information about the exact price of the lipstick, but I know it didn’t cost me more than EUR 3,50. Bargain, though I know this is a shops own brand.


The colour I am in is cherry 53, in the shop I tried this lipstick on my hand and was very happy with the result, though when trying my new lipstick at home colour on my lips showed different than at the shop. Probably that was not a good idea to trust the lights in the shop, so my “cherry” wasn’t as cherry coloured I would like it to be. The lipstick has a very nice creamy formula, it stays on very well and I can use it little to give my lips a little bit of colour or I can use it more for a brighter look.

Overall, this time risk paid off of trying an unknown, cheap, but most importantly very interesting product, now this will be a little gem in my make-up bag. Maybe this time the fact that this lipstick contains less nasty ingredients as the others play a more important role for me, but I still would love to try different colours from this line, though, shame there are available only 4 different colours from naturkosmetik lipstick line, oh, and the price… I liked the numbers I saw on the tag.

What is your experience with drugstore brands?


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