The Best Foundation Brush | KIKO Cosmetics Face 107 | Concave Face Brush For Foundation

On an everyday basis, I am as free as a wild child, if you prefer without metaphors, usually I don’t put much make-up on my face. Hair care and skin care is something I am more into, though in recent months I had become more and more interested in foundations, blushes, mascaras and lipsticks, in one word-makeup. As I am sure we all know one, of the most important things in every girl makeup bag is a foundation.There are a hundred and one different types of foundations, which means there are also 100 ways to apply them, jokes aside, only a few ways, but for me the easiest way to apply foundation has always been with a brush and now I have found MY foundation brush-KIKO cosmetics face 107 | concave face brush for foundation.

foundation brush

ALT kiko face foundation brush

I have used this brush for about 2 months and it is hard to describe in words how much I love it, no, no, not just I love it, I loooove it! I think it is a very good price/quality brush, though I wouldn’t say EUR 12.90 is cheap for a foundation brush, but I am pleased with this purchase. Bristles are soft and it is very easy to use the brush. The bristle part isn’t very big, but there is no need for one. Have I already mentioned, how much I love KIKO cosmetics? If no, then I must say from my first purchase a long time ago, when there were only KIKO shops in Italy and Spain, this is one of my favorite cosmetic brands. Price/quality relation, in my opinion, is amazing, and I must admit, this foundation brush is one of my best purchases ever from KIKO.

ALT kiko face brush

What is your experience with KIKO cosmetics? I would love to hear your reviews.


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