Curling Iron Remington Ci5338 Pro Big Curl Review

Since I remember myself I have always been in love with hairstyles and hair in general. I don’t really consider myself a long hair girl, because as I am sure you all girls right there know, hair can never be too long, but curling my hair has always been a big problem. I am not entirely sure whether the problem has been with all my curling irons or with my disobedient hands and hair styling technique, curls in my hair disappear within an hour. Well, from now on, it will be different. Let me introduce you to Curling Iron “Remington Ci5338 Pro Big Curl”, the first thing in my life, which not entirely has solved the problem, but at least had helped me to finally curl some tufts of hair.


The thing I love the most about this curling iron is the perimeter it has. Finally I can wrap all the tuft of the hair around it and every part is curled evenly. The second thing I love is that temperature for this hair curler is variable, thus I don’t need to think all the time how the heat is damaging my hair.


Overall, I love this product, actually I am quite sure that every curling iron with wider curling part would do the curling job better than my previous irons, but as this exact iron was the first one I have tried with wider curling part, I love it and don’t think I will try to find something similar in the nearest future.


Remington, good job!


The Body Shop Banana Shampoo And Conditioner Review


Banana Shampoo Body Shop

Bananas on product bottle

Banana shampoo // Banana conditioner

Ring-ring-ring-ring-ring, banana phone? Nope, this time we have something better! Today I unfortunately have no banana phone with me, but something else very delicious (not really, though), good smelling and very sunny to share with you. The Body Shop banana shampoo and conditioner, in my opinion, are very popular products from this brand, however only this month I got my hands on these two sunny bottles and will share with you my thoughts about them.


The Body Shop banana shampoo and conditioner are the very first hair products I have tried from this brand. In my opinion, bottles of the banana shampoo and conditioner look very beautiful and they might brighten your day, no matter you are young or old, man or woman. You might not agree with me, however don’t argue with me as I am saying this from my personal experience.

I had to wait some time to use my new “bananiis”, as I already had full bottles of other hair products to use before these lovelies, however when the queue for them finally came, I tried my best to take the most out of them.

First, let’s start with the banana shampoo. Not only the shampoo smells very tasty, but it also leaves my hair soft and shiny for days. It cleanses the scalp very good and makes my hair feel very soft.

Speaking about the conditioner, this is a must product to get the best experience when using the The Body Shop banana line products. I feel the conditioner is the one, which truly makes your hair super shiny and soft, as well as makes your hair smell amazing for days.

The scent of these products might not be for everyone, as some might find it too strong and overwhelming, nonetheless I have found that mashed bananas taste and smell exactly like the scent of these products, and if you are ok with it, I encourage you to try “bananiis” out. Banana power, banana!

3 Things You Should Know About Underwater Massage



Hey, today was all about new experiences, I had my first underwater massage session! I don’t know, how familiar you are with this thing, but to be honest, I didn’t know almost anything about them. My mom got a gift card for underwater massage session last Christmas, but as she wasn’t able to use it, I had this great opportunity today.

If any of you plan to try this kind of massage anytime soon or want to find out more about them, I think these are the 3 things you should definitely know about underwater massage.

  1. Underwater massage can help to fight against cellulite, improve your blood and lymph circulation and enhance the health of your skin – One time won’t be enough to see any of those body improvements, however doing this a dozen of time before bikini season, can totally help you to get the body you would be proud to show other on the beach.
  2. Underwater massage can hurt -Yup, it is a massage and massages are all about relaxation, but as in underwater massage the massage effect is achieved by very strong water jet, you might not find it as the most relaxing massage.
  3. Underwater massage can make you sleepy and tired – There should be a reason, why it is said that these sessions might help to fight against insomnia, because even though, I had my massage this afternoon I am feeling very tired all this evening, so I suggest to book your session on the second part of the day, as it might be hard to concentrate and have a ton of energy for further work/studies.

Final thoughts. I really enjoyed this beauty procedure today, even after a session, I can tell that my body is feeling better. I definitely encourage also you to try underwater massage out, if you have any interest and are curious, you won’t regret it, trust me!

My Favourite Fragrance – Hermès Le Jardin De Monsieur Li

Hermès Le Jardin De Monsieur LiLe Jardin De Monsieur Li

I have always been a big fan of clean smells and mixture of different scents from shampoos, shower gels, body butters and hair products make me feel a bit sick, thus I have never used perfumes a lot. However, last summer when returning back from vacation with family, I noticed a few bottles of fragrances I had never seen before in duty free shop at the airport. There they were fragrances from Hermès “in the Jardin” series, and one particular bottle took my hart from the first sniff when smelling the content of it – Hermès Le Jardin De Monsieur Li fragrance.

The main notes of this fragrance are jasmine, mint and kumquat and the members from the Hermès team describes this scent as follows: “Le Jardin de Monsieur Li describes a Chinese garden somewhere between reality and imagination. A place for meditation where strolling is allied to thought, and every step sets the imagination free.” I could’t agree more, you truly feel a bit like walking through a mysterious garden when wearing Hermès Le Jardin De Monsieur Li, and actually just recently I found out that also men can use this scent, so if you are interested in this scent, don’t be surprised when in the morning your other half might want to steal a bit from this magical mixture from you.

// Hermès Le Jardin De Monsieur Li //