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The Best Foundation Brush | KIKO Cosmetics Face 107 | Concave Face Brush For Foundation

On an everyday basis, I am as free as a wild child, if you prefer without metaphors, usually I don’t put much make-up on my face. Hair care and skin care is something I am more into, though in recent months I had become more and more interested in foundations, blushes, mascaras and lipsticks, in one word-makeup. As I am sure we all know one, of the most important things in every girl makeup bag is a foundation.There are a hundred and one different types of foundations, which means there are also 100 ways to apply them, jokes aside, only a few ways, but for me the easiest way to apply foundation has always been with a brush and now I have found MY foundation brush-KIKO cosmetics face 107 | concave face brush for foundation.

foundation brush

ALT kiko face foundation brush

I have used this brush for about 2 months and it is hard to describe in words how much I love it, no, no, not just I love it, I loooove it! I think it is a very good price/quality brush, though I wouldn’t say EUR 12.90 is cheap for a foundation brush, but I am pleased with this purchase. Bristles are soft and it is very easy to use the brush. The bristle part isn’t very big, but there is no need for one. Have I already mentioned, how much I love KIKO cosmetics? If no, then I must say from my first purchase a long time ago, when there were only KIKO shops in Italy and Spain, this is one of my favorite cosmetic brands. Price/quality relation, in my opinion, is amazing, and I must admit, this foundation brush is one of my best purchases ever from KIKO.

ALT kiko face brush

What is your experience with KIKO cosmetics? I would love to hear your reviews.

Kiko Sales Haul-Lips


Part 1 is here! Let me introduce you with all the lovely bits I found on Kiko sale. As there were quite a lot of makeup products, I decided to separate this haul in 2 parts. I didn’t even realise I ordered so many lip products and actually that was a brave decision, as I was not able to see the items in real life, but I am very happy how this all has turned out, so enjoy!

I will try to put links below all the pictures, so if you like to feel free to check an item you are interested out and I promise Kiko doesn’t sponsors me at all, it is just my infinite love to this brand and I want to introduce all the world with their amazing products.

P.S. I already made an unboxing video, but I just love to take picture of makeup products. I know there is such profession as food stylist, can I be a makeup stylist? I have finally found my passion, hah.


Temptress Lip Set

“Temptress Lipstick covers the lips with a thin coat of rich, bright colour. The light, creamy texture easily glides on the lips. Applying the lipstick is a sensory experience, a caress for your lips. The lipstick’s original square end adds elegance and refinement.”

This set is from Kiko “Cosmic Starlets” collection and, first, I must say that I absolutely love the packaging of this set. The colour is a bit different than I imagined and I think it would suit better to people with warmer undertones than to ones with cooler. Sadly, right now I can’t really pull this colour off as I am super pale and pink, but I am looking forward summer when my skin, hopefully, will be a bit darker and I will be able to wear this amazing colour. I prefer the lipstick over the lip pencil as I am a bigger fan to pencils you are able to sharpen, but overall I really like this set, though, sadly, there were no other colours left on stock as I would prefer to buy red or pink.


Intensely Lavish Lipstick

“Creamy lipstick with an intense and bright colour. The formula contains orchid extract, corn oil and gotu kola. When smoothed on, the texture transforms into a liquid that coats the lips in an intense and ultra-shiny colour.”

OMG, let me tell you how amazing this lipstick is. No doubt, this is my favourite product from all I have ordered. The colour is a bit metallic, which I actually didn’t wait for and it glides on  very smooth. It lasts on lips for a good amount of time and as this lipstick costs less than 4 euros, I think you won’t find anything similar to this in other shops. My top product on this haul, for sure.


Vivid Colour Lipstick Pencil

“Colourful, bold lipstick pencil. The creamy, ultra-light texture and bright, long-lasting finish create sensual lips. The practical pencil shape is ideal for quick touch-ups throughout the day.”

I haven’t yet had an opportunity to use these lipstick pencils properly, but I have done swatches on my hand and as far as for the first impressions, I agree they would work great for a quick touch-up throughout the day. These pencils are very creamy, therefor I don’t really think they would be long-lasting on lips. I am a bit upset I ordered the orange one because my skin is very pink and it is much harder to wear orangey, coral or different these kind of colours, but I am very excited to try the second lip pencil out.


Smart Lip Pencil

“Creamy and blendable wooden lip pencil. The intense, high-coverage line adheres perfectly to the lips from the first application with a no-transfer, smudge-proof hold.”

Previously, I have tried Kiko precision lip pencils, but as I don’t see them anymore on their website, I decided to try smart lip pencils out. I have found that it is very easy to draw a line on your lips with these pencils, as well as the colour stays for a long time and and is very smooth. I have liked these pencils a lot so far, though I still prefer my Kiko precision lip pencils as they are a bit creamier. If you have ever imagined, what has happened with the orange pencil, I already dropped it face down on the floor, and as Murphy always knows it better, by no chance I would have dropped it down not on the top part.

Important things to remember during winter

4 Easy Winter Beauty And Skincare Tips

Important things to remember during winterIt was freez-z-zing right here in my hometown just before a few weeks, right now the “situation” is better but still your skin requires different protection during the cold months, and that is why I made you a list of things, I try to take in consideration to be able to go though the cold winter months. :)

1. Always wear a hat and keep all your hair in it

This might sound a bit strange or might confuse you a bit but this tip is very useful for girls with long hair. During the cold weather hair tend to break more and in oder to prevent this, be sure to always wear a hat during the cold weather and keep all of your hair in it. I know that sometimes hats can be a bit annoying and they might ruin your hairstyle within 5 minutes, but these days there are so many beautiful types of hats, that anyone can easily find the model which suits them the best.

1. Have a lip balm on your lips everywhere and anywhere

Oh boy, what a wonders these little things can do. Take your neutrogena, eos or pawpaw and your lips won’t make you feel uncomfortable about them being dry or patch ever again. Especially I am loving pawpaw thing (which might not even be a lipbalm), because of how versatile this product is. I don’t use it only on my lips but also as an eyebrow gel. Sometimes I might not be very good at remembering to apply this wonder product on everyday basis, but in the evenings I can’t go to sleep without a bit of pawpaw on my lips.

2. Hand cream and mittens

Winter and naked skin are the biggest enemies and while you can’t cover your face skin  not to look like a burglar during the cold winds, protecting the skin of your hand is much easier. Always remember to take gloves or mittens with you when going outside, as well as applying a hand cream during the day, I personally like the best to apply my hand cream on the evenings, as I feel my hands are able to absorb it the best during nighttime, but you can apply your hand cream whenever you feel the need to do that or remember about it and I swear your hands will thank you.

4. Moisturiser

I am sure all of you beautiful ladies right there apply your moisturiser no matter winter, summer, cold or hot, but during the cold months our skin requires different protection than in summer, so the moisturiser you use in winter should be thicker than the one you use in other seasons, but at the same time always remember to use moisturiser designed especially for your skin type.

Alverde Naturkosmetik Lipstick (cherry 53) Review

While most of the society is getting used to the growing number of vegetarians and vegans today, people (especially women, of course) these days have started to pay more attention to the ingredients in their cosmetic products. I’ve always loved to make my own soaps and candles at home, though when I want to find a good natural face cleaner, make-up in shops, that’s not that easy.


This autumn in dm shop (I think it is the most popular drugstore in Germany) I accidentally came across a stand of natural cosmetic “Alverde”, it is the dm shop brand, so I suppose dm shops are the only place where you can buy these products. The word which caught my attention, for sure, was-naturkosmetik, but also the prices were unbelievable. Dm homepage wants to play hide and seek with me by not giving me any information about the exact price of the lipstick, but I know it didn’t cost me more than EUR 3,50. Bargain, though I know this is a shops own brand.


The colour I am in is cherry 53, in the shop I tried this lipstick on my hand and was very happy with the result, though when trying my new lipstick at home colour on my lips showed different than at the shop. Probably that was not a good idea to trust the lights in the shop, so my “cherry” wasn’t as cherry coloured I would like it to be. The lipstick has a very nice creamy formula, it stays on very well and I can use it little to give my lips a little bit of colour or I can use it more for a brighter look.

Overall, this time risk paid off of trying an unknown, cheap, but most importantly very interesting product, now this will be a little gem in my make-up bag. Maybe this time the fact that this lipstick contains less nasty ingredients as the others play a more important role for me, but I still would love to try different colours from this line, though, shame there are available only 4 different colours from naturkosmetik lipstick line, oh, and the price… I liked the numbers I saw on the tag.

What is your experience with drugstore brands?